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Location Based News Monitor Tool :

This tool helps you monitor your companies online reputation. You can respond to blogs, reviews, and comments on your company written on any blog or website.

Location and Keyword-Based Lead Search Tool :

This simplifies your web search process. On giving a particular keyword and location it fetches you the best data available. You can save that data for future reference too.

SEO Analysis Tools :

On selecting a company, the complete SEO Audit of their website is done in seconds along with suggested keywords to improve its optimization. You can compare a website with its competitors, write remarks and mail them using your companies logo. This kind of approach helps you, clients, to connect easily with you.

Social Media Leads : [Facebook,Twitter and YouTube]

If a contact is not found in google our Facebook tool helps you find that. Helps you get easy access to page owners data , to track them and optimize their pages. Their contacts can help you promote a post virally.

Generate Titles :

A lot of time is wasted in brainstorming for the titles to be used in blog posts. Our title generator tool generates unlimited titles on giving a keyword. It saves your time and improves the faster delivery of content from your writers.

Wordpress Blog Post Tracking :

This unique feature helps follow up the posts done is a website, It gives the status of a post in social media.It helps you track similar posts done by your competitors.

Email Check :

This feature puts the contacts of people working in different companies and different positions at your fingertips by just giving the domain name of their company. It helps you reach the heads of the companies easily.

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